Thursday, December 20, 2007

A simple gift from my mom

You hear all kinds of stories about mothers. Shocking stories often. Stories of control and intolerance, neglect, unbelievable selfishness, and about mothers who are just plain mean. I've often been surprised and appalled. But it's not like it was all glory days in this maternal lineage either. I've had plenty of frustrations and hostility. The "my mother's my best friend" tales never applied. I didn't want my mother to be my best friend. I needed (still need) boundaries and separation to be who I need(ed) to be. I definitely had (have?) some anger and regrets. But for the most part I was lucky. I didn't necessarily learn some of the "can do" skills, but I did duck the pain from too much perfection or bossiness (hmmm, from my mom that is).

Trying desperately as I age to see the positives instead of the shortcomings. To be grateful for the simple, clear generosity, even if it did come with some difficulties and unhappy baggage. How can you not love and appreciate someone who sends the simple message below:
Looking forward to meeting your friend - I'm thinking of having some
t=shirts made that say "I'm Janet's Mom -- you may applaud now."

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