Thursday, December 06, 2007

MBTs have saved my life

I totally prefer these:

But these MBT Kisumu sandals have fucking changed my life!


I've had trouble with my feet all my life. When others were comfy barefoot or in flip flops, I wasn't. Summer sandals gave me blisters. I needed arch supports. I angled in. From the earliest age, fashion was beyond me - because really, it starts with the feet, doesn't it? My dad forced me into saddle shoes. Later I made do with boots and clogs which kind of worked. I could be very happy living in boots. But it's always been a problem and always sucked. I love walking. And what could be more important and necessary?

But often it's been excruciating. Fallen metatarsals. Ball of foot pain. The dancing only made it way, way worse. So I started looking for some new solutions. At Karavel, a guy in the wellness center pointed me towards the MBTs. Masai Barefoot Technology. I'd heard of them, heard they were controversial. Some people loved them, others miserable. I picked the least worst looking, slid them on, and ohmigod, I felt like I was in a pilates session. Seriously. All of a sudden I was standing taller, the back of my legs lengthened, my core kickin' in. I bought them. Watched the "new user" video, laughed that they're classified as exercise equipment in Europe, and became a serious convert. They're fantastic. Instead of debilitating cramping pain 40 minutes into a regular walk, now I feel energized and painfree. Literally regaining a bounce in my step. Realizing how badly I'd been suffering from chronic pain and just living with it.

I'm not happy about the way I look in them. Really not happy about walking around in them with black socks when the weather turned cold. But man oh man, the relief. What a lifesaver.

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