Friday, November 16, 2007

Los Angeles Plays Itself - Highly Recommended

Last night I saw Los Angeles Plays Itself for the second time courtesy of the Austin Film Society's Doc Tour. What a glorious film! It's a movie lover's delight -- a superb meditation on movies and Los Angeles, beautifully constructed and written by film historian Thom Andersen.

It's hard to see, hamstrung by the hundreds of clips and current state of Fair Use confusion. But I urge you to try, and put it on your "Need to See" lists for the day it finally does become more widely available on DVD. It's superb.

In the meantime, you can read more about it by Chale Nafus, Director of Programming, Austin Film Society.

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Haven't seen "Los Angeles Plays Itself", but have seen "Los Angeles Playing Itself" for the first time last december. LA is most fascinating; there's plenty to hate, plenty to love and plenty you just don't get. Especially when you're some kind of first-time-travelling-overseas-Eurotrash type like I am. Please let me know where the DVD is available so can I keep my job instead of having myself drawn over again to roam the streets of this utterly captivating metropolis.