Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm Not There - Highly Recommended ***

Damn what a fine movie! I'm Not There is superb. Genius. A brilliant take on icons and iconography. Yes Dylan is the way in, but it's not a bio pic. John and I debate whether anyone can watch this who's not familiar with Dylan. I don't care. I'm too in love with it.

Cate Blanchett in the black and white. Charlotte Gainsbourg as the ultimate rock star mom at home, totally romantic, totally alone. The little guy riding the rails - pulling off an impossible conceit. Pretty much everyone is great. The filmmaking is brilliant. Just a glory to film, and film storytelling, and the culture that's existed in my lifetime.

(So much of it is so superb, but particularly love that Beatles & Bob frolicking on the lawn.)

Todd Haynes is a singular talent. One of our national treasures. I am so grateful to live in his world. (And to Christine Vachon and everyone else who made this possible, "Thank You!")

Don't miss it. Highly Recommended.

Update: Check out J. Hoberman's excellent, smart essay/review in the Village Voice.


Forrest Preece said...

Hi, Janet. Saw it last night at Alamo Village.

I agree with you about this one. Genius.

In fact, I think I'll splurge on a DVD when they come out. I want to go back and see how many directorial styles and actual movies he drew from. Blowup, La Dolce Vita, 8 1/2, Vertigo, McCabe and Mrs. Miller, Hard Day's Night, Kramer vs. Kramer, definitely some Woody Allen with the creatures floating in air. That's besides that obvious Dylan stuff like Don't Look Back.

To me, he did a seamless melding of form and content with the style of the movies being called out and the stage of Dylan's life. And Lord, that Cate B! Whoa! You go, girl!

Linda Ball said...

We saw it last night and I loved it. It's one of those movies where even if half of the culture of your time passed you by, you love wallowing in the bits you do catch. FFP came out of it wanting to buy the DVD when it came out.