Thursday, November 29, 2007

How much I love the song Dark Eyes

It's funny what we remember, or don't remember. Well actually, it's not funny at all. It's disturbing and frustrating and so often out of our hands. My mother talked about that incessently during her four-day Thanksgiving visit. She said she can remember almost nothing of her 26-year marriage except for the terrible things she can't forget.

With I'm Not There still rattling around my brain, images emblazoned, now we've been listening to the I'm Not There soundtrack. I'm loving it. Some excellent new versions of excellent songs. Tribute/cover albums don't always work for me. The Alejandro Escovedo Por La Vida is one of my favorites. Yet I had to return the recent Joni Mitchell because I hated it so much. Not her work, or the artists -- many of whom I love, but too many of the covers destroyed her timing and all that was good.

On this newest, the I'm Not There Soundtrack, really digging so much of it. Tonight fastening on Sufjian Stevens' Ring Them Bells and Iron & Wine w/ Calexico's Dark Eyes. The latter, as much as I enjoyed it, made me crave the original Dylan version. And with that the intense memory of when I fell in love with that song. An image of Judy Davis sitting on a bathroom floor in the Gillian Armstrong film, High Tide. (Is she singing? I can't remember. I think so.) I hop over to Youtube hoping to find a clip. No, but found this instead - a live performance of Dylan and Patti Smith singing it together. It doesn't always work, but I love the song so much, it'll have to do.

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