Saturday, November 17, 2007

East Austin Studios Tour - Highly Recommended

What another great Austin event. The East Austin Studio Tour.

I'd heard of it but never experienced. Adriana met me at El Chilito with map and post-it marked catalog in hand. East Austin one weekend. Artists' studios. Artists' homes.

What would the world be like without artists? Even with huge economic precariousness, they have the desire to create. The compulsion and confidence. I saw plenty of work I dug. But it's more than that. It's how artists live. It's how they work. The artists I've been close to in my life have made everything better. It's how their food looks. How it tastes. The tools and raw materials lined up just so, adding to the overall. How they live feeds my soul. Oh that sounds corny and melodramatic but it's true. People who create are a special species. I crave their humor, economy, and imagination. It's a skew I prefer in this world.

This East Austin Artists Tour is beautiful designed. Great materials to guide you. Easy Austin in terms of getting around and parking and people just being nice to one another. It's an expanded version of this place for me. Different neighborhoods, different people. Makes me love it here even more. Highly recommended.

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