Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Wyatt Way

Driving from Pittsburgh to the airport today on a kamikaze college tour with my son Wyatt, I noticed an industrial bldg by the side of the road. It's corporate name emblazoned boldly all along the top:

My son was asleep and I couldn't grab my camera quick enough. But it totally cracked me up. (I know, a name's just a name. For most of my life I've known almost no one named "janet." In texas it's as common as water. ) But "wyatt" is still relatively rare and I certainly had no idea there was a corporate reference. Later, checking out their website, amused further:

Welcome to...

Wyatt Incorporated

The Wyatt name has been associated with interior construction since the 1960's. The company was formed in 1967, and the current management team has been in place since 1970. Our business has grown steadily over the years. In the late 1970's we opened a complete woodworking millshop and manufacturing facility near Pittsburgh, PA. And in the early 1980's, we opened our Philadelphia, PA operations center.

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We believe our company has grown and prospered for one primary reason - good people in the field and in the office consistently doing superior work for the customer. That simple statement is the core of our approach to the interior construction business.

Everyone promises to do superior - quality work on time and on budget. Not everyone delivers. When our people talk about quality, completion dates, and cost estimates, their words are backed up by the Wyatt name and what it stands for:

  • A reputation among building owners, contractors, and architects for top quality and dependability;

  • A track record of steady growth over several decades;

  • Countless repeat assignments from satisfied customers both small and large;

  • Financial strength and stability, which translate into economies and efficiencies for our customers.

We do not claim to be perfect, but we have a deep commitment to our way of doing business. We continuously strive for economy, quality, and efficiency for every client on every project. That is the Wyatt Way.

It's funny the resonance you can feel with a name. With both my kids I'm deeply attached to the way their names look written. It's a visual thing as much as a sound. Why? What's it's mean? Who cares? When I was pregnant John used to say, "just pick any name. It doesn't really matter." But it does. A resonance is a resonance. The sound, the look, it all contributes to how you feel. You say it so much in a lifetime. You write it so often. Today a momentary drive by, a total delight.

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