Sunday, August 12, 2007

Road trip, starting in Georgia

On a little road trip to Georgia to catch up with the Rolling Road Show's Deliverance screening later tonight. I always love road trips with John. The simplicity, the essence. Just John and me checking out the sights and smells. Even as America grows more and more homogeonized, there are still distinct regional differences. And I love to experience them. We flew out from Austin. Rented a car in Atlanta. About an hour out we stopped in a Waffle house by the side of the road. And in a second we could have been in Deliverance! The inbred appalachian hallmarks right in front of us. Wasn't expecting that. Wasn't expecting our sweet little waitress either, with a crewcut and soft voice who I was sure was a young boy til I read her name tag, "Stephanie." Definitely Teena Brandon territory.

Today we took a hike up Black Mountain. The summit marker just another reminder of why I wanted to name my daughter, Georgia. I just love the word visually. There's something very deep and connected for me in how that word looks.

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