Friday, August 03, 2007

Great story in this week's New Yorker

Whose Wedding?

by Charles Graeber August 6, 2007

Taking out the trash one day about ten years ago, Jeanne Liotta, an East Village filmmaker, noticed a battered 16-mm. movie projector lying next to the curb. She rescued a reel of film from the machine and stuck it on her living-room shelf. Last August, Liotta decided to take the film to Anthology Film Archives for Home Movie Day, an annual event in which old 8-, 16-, and 35-mm. reels are carted out of attics and basements for airing on the public screen. As a rule, the movies are earnest documentations of significant life events (a bris, a deer hunt, the purchase of a giant lobster claw). “But this one—we started calling it the mystery wedding movie—was different,” Katie Trainor, Home Movie Day’s co-founder, said recently of Liotta’s entry. “We put this one on the screen, and, right away, everybody was, like, ‘Whoa!’”
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Snowden said...

If you liked this story, you'll love Home Movie Day! You should know that there's going to be a HMD event in Austin THIS SUNDAY. Free film screenings, Home Movie Day Bingo, prizes, and information on how to preserve your family films. Details are online at The Austin Film Festival's site and in the recent Austin Chronicle story on Home Movie Day in Austin. Check it out, hope to see you there!

grainyms said...

Hey thanks for the heads up but this Sunday we'll be off watching the Rolling Road Show's screening of Deliverance on the banks of the Chattooga River in GA.