Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Werner Herzog - a genius, a treasure

I'm just crazy about Werner Herzog's work, and really love his voice. Listening right this minute to Terry Gross interviewing him on Fresh Air about his new film Rescue Dawn. We were able to see the film at the Austin Film Festival back in Oct. It's harrowing and compelling with stellar performances by Christan Bale and Steve Zahn. Definitely recommended.

Check out the interview on podcast/streaming if you can. I love hearing him talk about almost anything, but I particularly love statements like this,
"It wasn't that bad, it was fairly bad, but it could have been much worse. We both had malaria and other tropical diseases...but that's OK - you go through things like that."

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Anne Thompson said...

Werner Herzog was on Sunday Morning Shootout with Steve Zahn. I love the movie too. It's honest, real--no bullshit at all. He's a genius. but he tortures people to get it. He has the puckish quality of Lars von Trier. Always mixing things up to get the desired result. So Zahn says to Herzog--you do love to create chaos. And Herzog replies: I don't want things to get boring. And on Charlie Rose, Christian Bale, who was impressive, with his British accent that we never hear in the movies--also described Herzog as devilish --but said it was well worth it.