Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sports Names making us laugh

I'm not a sports follower for the most part, save the NBA finals and getting caught up in some local football now that I live in Texas, but today John pointed out this site which really made me laugh. He was talking about it spurred on by a column in today's Statesman about how there are no nicknames in sports anymore. Apparently, this broadcaster Chris Berman (ESPN) has been making an effort for years. Here are a few favorites but it's worth checking out the entire list.

Rene Kook Arocha
Jesse Belly Up to the Barfield
Bad to the Bonilla
Jeff Dedmon
Don't Wear Plaid
Touchy Feeley
See Me Feeley

Check it out:

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Anita said...

Hey Janet - Did you know Chris Berman went to Brown U.? He got an honorary doctorate there this year at Mikey's graduation. John was probably watching the game that he broadcast when Cal Ripken broke the record for most consecutive games played - it was very moving and Chris Berman did a great job.