Thursday, July 19, 2007

How Many Producers Does it Take to?

My good friend Anita writes:
Can I ask you something? We were watching Entourage tonight and as always we joke about how many producers there are - executive, co-executive, associate, etc. etc. Is that a joke they do or for real?

I love this - that she actually thought it could be a put on. After I explained it to her - all the various roles that producers can play, whether it's bringing dollars, or the deal, the idea, or the physical logistics. How TV is even more of a producer's medium, therefore enabling even more producer credits. She responded:

Well my kids will be impressed that I actually will be able to answer the question about the producers. The list goes on and on and then it finally says "Produced by..." as if all the earlier producers didn't actually do any work. Who knows.

Funny to hear the feedback from the lay world - although, it's not as though we're not sitting there counting them up ourselves, wondering who's really doing all the work.

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