Saturday, June 23, 2007

Science of Gaydar - good read

Terrific article, The Science of Gaydar by David France in New York Magazine. (Oh, how I used to love that magz over John's objections. I reluctantly cut it off when I moved.) I've always been interested in what the so-called gay "affectations" have to do with the sex act (although ok, I guess it's more about preference than performance anyway, which could be an important distinction.). Particularly wondered why preference would affect a voice. Thinking about it from another angle these days, as I'm readying for a small part in a film as a lesbian. When I heard about it I was like, sure! I've always thought I'd looked like a lesbian. When I've repeated that to others, including my husband, they just stare at me dumbfounded. I don't? Hmm, so what is that essential otherness that's often so easy to read? How do I incorporate that secret ingredient to make this connection authentic on screen?

Thanks Eugene for the tip! Excellent read and now for the first time in my life I see that the index finger on my left hand is much longer than the one of my right. And you have to check palm up! The relative lengths are different palm up or palm down.

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