Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My little girl, off to Nicaragua

A sweet sweet moment yesterday. Hanging at the airport with my daughter, waiting for her departure to Nicaragua, both of us comfy with our feet up on the rail. She'd bought her ticket on Friday afternoon. She and her boyfriend spent the weekend getting ready, buying traveling backpacks, reading the guidebooks, buying clothes and toiletries. He left a day ahead, tied to a ticket that would expire on Sunday. She had to wait to appear in traffic court, which she did, walking away scott free. She'd been calling all through the process, "what do you think about this?" "what about that?" But now she was packed, and ready, and totally excited. As was I. Excited for her and how much fun lies ahead, along with all the learning.

I flinched when they first mentioned the destination - knowing only the war and documentaries from the early 80s. David says, "But now it's the second safest country...." did he say in the world? in Central America? They report that it's a surfer's paradise. She has Fiji as a reference point, the heat, the poverty, what it means to live without phones and electricity. It's clear she can't wait to get back to that kind of life. Spreading her wings, exploring, conjuring up expat business ideas.

Some parents prefer the innocence. Some parents try to keep their kids young as long as possible. I've never been that way. I've loved too much every step forward. The first sitting up, walking, asserting themselves, growing into who they are. This is another big one. Her first big travel adventure. Nicaragua for three weeks. She sends me the first email today, "It's awesome."

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Mark said...

Great for your daughter! Be careful though because a trip to Nicaragua frequently turns into a move to Nicaragua...I can speak from personal experience!

Best, Mark in San Juan del Sur