Thursday, May 10, 2007

Texas Heat

When my pal Amy first went to Fiji with John, to lay the groundwork for our family moving here, I asked her how she handled the heat - particularly because she always wears jeans and boots. "I changed my underwear three times a day." Which really made me laugh and also impressed me. Well I now I think of Amy every damned Texas day as I imitate her ritual. It's essential. When John catches me, he's surprised. Our weather tolerances as different as our eating habits.

And ironically, weather - that goofy universal subject (though hardly goofy in terms of real life and death issues) is currently the most formidable force for us. It sounds like a ridiculous joke but frankly, his adoration of the heat, and my intolerance is our biggest obstacle.

And not directly related but reminding me of my favorite poem when small:
Fatty and Skinny went to bed
When Fatty rolled over, Skinny was dead.

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Lisa Rosman said...

lady, this shit makes me laugh.

that said, i have to say: eating differences pretty much killed my last relationship. possibly my last two. what initially seems quotidian turns out to be the biggest deal of them all, because the quotidian is DAILY.

thanks for the ebert shout-out. twas a very different experience there this year.