Friday, May 25, 2007

Movie Date - After The Wedding print astray

John wanted me to blog about this. We had a movie plan today. At noon he would catch up with Away From Her, while I would finally get to see After The Wedding at 12:10. I've been waiting for this movie to come to Austin since I first heard of it. Was that Cannes or Toronto 2006? I read about it in Anne's Thompson's blog and was totally intrigued. So I've been waiting. Missed it at sxsw doing something else. Turning down a screener offer to see it on the big screen.

Marked the opening day on my calendar April 18. Um, it didn't open then. Marked the new opening day, down on May 18st. Didn't open then either! Austin's like that, on the second or even third tier of desirable cities for traditional art films. Different story for horror, sci-fi, violence or cult. But for art films, plenty of excellent films get here late or never come at all. It can be frustrating. (Of course we do have the awesome Austin Film Society to help plug the gap. Essential Cinema and AFS@Dobie particularly.)

I'm expecting to love it though I haven't read a single review, feature or blog. I just feel drawn. We have this pinpoint timing. After both films break, we'll grab a quick bite at the FireBowl Cafe and together see Waitress at 3pm.

I hustle back from pilates a little late, having renewed my series. John barks on the phone, "dont screw this up." I run in the house, change my clothes, get right back up north ("out of town" one of our ignorant Californian transplants said) and walk up to the box office with 8 minutes to spare. But what, hey wait....Chalk is playing. That's great for those guys! Really like the filmmakers and the film. But what's that mean for After the Wedding. Hmmm, scanning the board, Damn, the first show's at 6:45. What's up with that??!!! We ask. The cashier explains, "the print didn't arrive yet. We're waiting." John cracks up, "I can't believe this! You've been waiting for months. You're here for the first show on the first day. And the print's not here!"

So John's buys his ticket. I head off for a Starbucks and to run some random errands. We recovene at the FireBowl at 2pm. Both crazy love Waitress. Another day again for me for After the Wedding. Hope it's worth the wait.

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