Sunday, May 20, 2007

Knitting and the internet

Who knew that there are about a billion knitters out there, and they all seem to blog! It's incredible. For years I was aware of my old babysitter's blog. And amused. She pretty much never responds to email yet has been blogging constantly for several years. She started right after she got her masters in biology and decided knitting was more interesting. I visit her obsessive and delightful blog from time to time, noticing the growing community that she both writes about and links to. But it seemed pretty specific.

I started knitting as a kid. I delved into many crafts and mastered none. Then when I hooked up with John, I needed something to do during his endless baseball watching. This would have been @ 1981. I was a disaster at life size garments, but could make wonderful neck hoodie things and adorable baby clothes. Which I did until I had my own babies. Then I stopped. I no longer had free time or available hand use. Around that time I also got totally addicted to computers, which is also hand intensive.

Over the years I 've dabbled a bit. Made a fabulous green mohair scarf that's too itchy. Made my mom another hoodie which she loves. Spent a week knitting a scarf for my sister while visiting her in Amsterdam. Earlier this year, watching John and Richard Linklater talk publicly during sxsw, I spied someone knitting in front of me, and became entranced. Luckily she was someone I knew so I emailed right when I got home and got the details. During the basketball playoffs, (Damn that Suns/Spurs series was amazing! And the Mavs/Golden State before that!) I got the itch. So I started again. Having a question or two, I idly started googling and man, what a surprise!! Blog after blog after blog of knitting progress and discussion. Helpful tips. Photos of balls of yarns. Tips and links. Phenomenal really, the creative impulse and impulse to share. Pretty great.

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susan said...

You knit? Never would have guessed that one. I do too - but can't finish much more than a scarf or a baby blanket. xo