Friday, May 18, 2007

Away from Her - Highly Recommended

Sarah Polley's directorial debut Away From Her , adapted by a short story by Alice Munro, is even better than I expected. Already predisposed to connect to this highly acclaimed feature about a long married couple when the wife (played by Julie Christie) slides into alzheimer's - I was knocked out. The film is beautiful, stunning, superb. Moving, complex, perfectly realized. A movie about love for grown ups. How wise - and how crazy that it should have been adapted and directed by a young actress. Bravo! Thank you!

From Marge Baumgarten's Austin Chronicle Review:
Do not be deterred by anyone callously describing Away From Her as an "Alzheimer's film starring that old Dr. Zhivago beauty" or some such. Away From Her, like its dominant image of the tracks in the snow made fresh, time and again, from cross-country skiing, is a phantom of a movie whose beautiful flakes fall into the deep crevices of memory long after the seasons change.

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Marge said...

In fact, Sarah Polley's so spookily good that it makes you wonder what "knowledge" this child has that the rest of us lack – or, at least didn't possess at that age.