Saturday, April 07, 2007

Wow, loving the NYT Business section on Apr 2

My reading outside of this computer screen is way, way off. I remember how exciting it was to return to books after the early mothering years. I never gave up movies, keeping that a priority via babysitters, but missed much of my precious reading time. Now I barely read books at all, and magazines and newspapers only intermittently. Sometime in the last ten years I compiled a list of the papers and magazines I kept up with - I was responding to a friend who kept all newspapers and magazines out of her house, and also to the question, "what do you do?" The answer was, I keep current." Impressively so. Now my skew is shifted. There are days I don't mind as it's all shit and bad news. But somedays I'm surprised and delighted and regret my myopia.

Like today. On the kitchen counter I found a stack of folded papers from Monday, Apr 2. (My birthday!) which of course I hadn't bothered to read that day. In a rare breach of John's careful organizing and archiving, this edition was separated from the pile. Pretty much every single article was interesting -from David Carr's superb "Thousands of Laid Off. What's New?", to Laura M. Holson's, "Warner's Digital Watchdog Widens War on Pirates," about Darcy Antonellis and her fascinating career trajectory. Julie Bosman's "Pushing a New Writer Upstream" about the pre-selling of a new author. Angelal Macropoulous, "A Misfired Memo Shows Close Tabs on Reporter," about the really interesting misdirection of a Microsoft PR company's email to the Wired journalist covering the story. And more. But all good. All interesting.

David Carr's piece my favorite: an excerpt:
“Newspapers have shifted from going after mass audiences to targeting upscale audiences. This is a great story,” Mr. Martin said, referring to the Circuit City layoffs, “but it’s about working people. There have been dual wage systems before, but here you have something completely different — the wholesale firing of people who did their jobs well.”

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