Thursday, April 26, 2007

Glorious Spring evening

Just back from a walk on this glorious Texas spring evening. My east coast friends poorer for having no idea how lovely it is here. The fragrance, the cobalt blue sky, the low trees, college kids playing softball on the spacious UT intramural fields. I walk around the neighborhood as dusk descents into dark, the Hyde Park streets inviting and warm, the arts & crafts cottages a salve for the eyes. Utterly happy to be here. Happy to be walking these streets safe from the worry I've experienced everywhere else. Invigorated by the night, always invigorated by the night, and revitalized after this particularly tiring day.

Up way too early for an 8am breakfast meeting at local power spot Las Manitas, then 3 hours on a conference call, sequing into 3 hours with my daughter, then another 90 minute conference call, struggling the whole time with challenges and problems I'm don't know how to solve. Actively listening and learning, but really not sure of the solutions and my role. Volunteer work - film, nonprofits, growing up, and Texas Politics. One of the lobbyists an audio dead ringer for Coach Taylor on Friday Night Lights. It makes those 3 hours easier to take, a joy almost. I find the Texas accents appealing, the wordsmith refreshing. Listening all day to lots of others good at what they do. Speaking well. Making smart judgements. I listen and struggle with my role.

A nice (rare) home cooked meal with the guys. Exhausted, I decide to take a walk. My Thursday three-hour dance routine dislodged by the second call and dinner. The dusk is glorious. Feeling good about the people in my life. My neighborhood. Feeling for the young ones in my orbit who are learning to feel their way around. Feeling good about being there for them. Remembering how hard it can be to make your way. Wishing them all well. Feeling gratitude for my life and even for the little ipod that I enjoy so much, generously given to me as a gift.

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