Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Birthday pic

Here's a nice birthday pic shot by my good friend and blogging inspiration, Matt Dentler.

But it brings up an odd dichotomy. I don't blog under my real name. Of course my friends know who I am but strangers get a more abstract view. I write both very personally, and yet not about my real life at all. I barely mention the kids, leave out tons of daily details and affiliations, and haven't (until now) posted personal photos. I've enjoyed the gray.

This is the second time that Matt has linked to me by name. I'm both flattered by the positive attention and wary. Does it matter? Will readers linking from Matt expect more of a dedicated film blog? Is there a downside to owning my random thoughts publicly? Will it reflect poorly on me? On John? I'm not really sure how I feel. (Like Peggy wrote once, " Embarrassed about your blog? Heaven forbid. The whole point of a blog is to put your life up where everyone can see and comment on it. Wait, though, you already did that!" rather hilariously referencing the documentary....)

I did have a lovely 50th birthday. It was great to celebrate with John, and Chris, and Kate and Matt, and the few others who I shall delight in keeping anonymous. In these narcissistic times we live in, it's nice to keep some zones of privacy. Isn't it?

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linda ringwood said...

a very belated happy birthday to u dear...and its good to know that u treasure blogger friends..few days bakc I wrote on 50th birthday party ideas...my blog has loads of elements on birthday which I guess u will like :)