Sunday, March 04, 2007

love this image

Love this image found on my friend Jarren's not particularly active blog. It's totally arresting and exquisite. I asked her the source, she said she found it in an article about the evolution of women and showing their bodies. I'm just crazy about it.

It reminds me of this odd lovely day years ago when I ran into a good friend's husband at a NYC auction house. I was trying to familiarize myself with buying photos at auction. I had a little death money burning a hole in my pocket and thought I would use it to buy art. I decided to buy one photo, this one time. For 18 months I haunted photo shows, and galleries, and the auction houses. This particular day I ran into JV. Turns out he was a collector/dealer in 19th century erotica and this was his world. He explained the workings to me and took me on a little tour of some of his other daily haunts. It was delightful and rare, like sightseeing in a foreign land. I bet he'd know all about this one.

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