Sunday, March 18, 2007

i think the end of my sxsw 2007 highlights

The Buzzcocks! Almost embarrassed to still love them 30 years later. But I do as much as ever. The songs burned into my brain. I could sing What do I get? in my sleep. (No love!)

Finally made it to the Flatstock poster show I've been missing for years. What a delight! Wall after wall of pure great design - in the form of rock posters. Loved so many of them. Some favorites though it was hard to choose:,,,,,,,,,,

Watching Emily Hubley's animation from the upcoming The Toe Tactic accompanied by original music by Sue Garner, with Angel Dean and Doug Weiselman at the Hideout. I hadn't thought I'd get there. I was restless and still in the running-around-mode when the magic of the original live soundtrack and the animation took hold. I'd seen the work before, but not like this. As Emily said more eloquently in her introduction...something about the magic of the great creative collaboration, that mysterious something we're all a part of, bursting forth.

Watching Nick Drake: A Skin Too Few Saturday morning at the Convention Center theatre with the music crowd. Seemingly spun out of thread, as there are few photos, no audio interviews, and definitely no film of the hauntingly beautiful singer/songwriter. A sad tale of an even sadder life. I'm sure I loved it because I find the music so absolutely perfect. It works as a film on very simple terms, very well formed to its subject.

All in all a terrific week.