Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Smarts and smarts - Kevin Smith and food

I love Kevin Smith. Oh I know, there's nothing unique about that - so do millions of other fans. But I happen to know him personally and love him in real life - and I have to say, a posting like this makes my heart swell. Because he's the same super funny, smart and very real guy he's always been. And I love having the company in the "more to love" category.

From Silent Bob Speaks:
I’m a fairly smart cookie. I’ve proven myself smart enough to build a career out of almost nothing, with no connections and limited skills. I’ve proven myself smart enough to woo and wed a woman way out of my league. I’ve even proven myself smart enough to turn hobbies into revenue streams - selling all my blogs (that I wrote for free, mind you) to Titan Books in the UK for publication as one giant compendium (due later this year). But when it comes to food and self-control in the arena of eating? I’m totally retarded.

For no particular reason I was just thinking of him this morning as I was idly taking a shower. Mourning how I just keep gaining weight. Remembering how a few years ago, when on my way to a successful 30 lb weight loss, that I've now gained back, I happened to see him. "Janet, what you losing some weight? Hmm, what, about 11 lbs?" Damn, if he hadn't hit it dead on. Which is amazing! When you're as big as I am, 11 pounds is not easy to spot. So Kev - good luck in this in tiresome neverending battle! And thanks so much for sharing with the rest of us. xxxo

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