Thursday, February 08, 2007

blogging vs bio

I've been blogging here pretty steadily since August, and many of you have been kind enough admire the writing why can't I write a decent bio to save my life? I just suck at it.

And I guess I know why. Because instead of it being about something I'm thinking about, or interested in, or excited by, it's about taking ownership for what I've done. Responsibility. Credit. It's just so much easier to do something than to fess up to it. Or have any perspective. When I used to be in therapy, we would talk about why I was somehow dis-engaged from my life. Not from the living but from the acknowledging. There's this very old tendency to feel invisible. And I don't know why. Never got to the bottom of it.


castleshadow said...

Your writing here is your bio in a lot of ways - look at the labels to the right. We are missing a photo of your beautiful face! But we have our memories.....

You can always start like David Copperfield: "I was born...."

To paraphrase someone: "Visibility becomes you."

Joe Swanberg said...

Bios are the WORST! I hate having to write them for Festivals.