Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Herndon, VA - Who are you?

I use this cool software called statcounter that I found on Blogger to check who's reading this blog. It doesn't give me names or real addresses, but I do get a geographic spread. It's wild to see the readers truly from all over the world and what draws them to the site. Lots in Austin natch, and NY & CA. But when I see a specific school in Santa Fe, I know it's Rob (Hi Rob!), or one reader in Sonoma I'm guessing it's Melissa. In Chicago, it's most often Joe and Kris. But one of my steadiest readers is in Herndon, Virginia - and I've no clue who that is! Not even sure it's a person - thinking it could be some kind of computer tracking or Road Runner deal. I'm really curious. I love to hear who you are. Please post a comment. If you're shy, say so, and I won't publish the answer.


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