Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Addressing envelopes

A friend I asked for an address update couldn't believe I was thinking of sending holiday cards. This was my response:

Oh it's such a weird old habit. I started way before I had kids -because I just love communication I guess. It was my one stab at artwork - I'd handsew rubber airplanes on home-made cards or go crazy with glue and glitter on Hong Kong glossy postcards. Eventually the kid photo thing took over and it became a narrative. The xmas after the documentary opened I didn't bother - figured everyone had had enough of our family. And I almost didn't this year - figured the kids were too old and that email kept me in touch enough. But I don't know, I got one or two I liked in the mail. Then I realized that the last one I sent out had W. at a newly aged 13 and now he's a man over 6 feet. Figured I needed the closure on his aging. So I rushed a little photo concept together. Hopefully it'll look OK when I get it back from the printer tomorrow and I'll mail it out. I took some hours to weed through my address book. Awed and overwhelmed by the decades' worth of names. Somehow I still came up with roughly 200 that seemed xmas card appropriate this year. It almost seems old fashioned and retro in this day of instant communication. I'm going with the throwback notion.

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