Thursday, November 09, 2006

A mother writes about what mothers fear

I've been reading some interesting and moving pieces over at in the Becoming Fearless section. I guess it's a women's ghetto. I don't care. Like sometimes I just need to hear a woman singing. I'm happy to read the voices I've been finding there.

Particularly moved by this post by Janet Grillo. She worked in film acquisitions and production for years. I remember having a long and involved conversation with her the night I went into labor with my first child, out at a screening for Eat A Peach (an obscure Irish film I would never remember if I hadn't been in labor and it was the last night before I became a mother.) A serious career girl, I was pleased when she married and had her own child. I met him when she came to speak at our summer film workshop, still a tiny baby, nursing. She was a lovely mother then. And again probably five years later when we met one evening at the Getty Museum in L.A. The night was gorgeous. It was clear her mothering had taken a distinct turn from my own. My kids flittered about, engaged in the world around them. She and her husband were 100% attentive to their son. They engaged in high stakes drama and games to get his attention. I found it impressive and utterly exhausting. The diagnosis somewhere along that Autisim scale. A diagnosis becoming way too common.

Read her directly - it's a beautiful piece: What is it every new mother fears?

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