Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dan Savage and why secrets work

I can't stop thinking about this op ed piece from last week. I've read Dan Savage's Savage Love column inconsistently over the years but am trying to make it more a steady habit. He's a terrific writer with a great point of view. Although, sometimes I have to confess I wonder who are the people writing to him? I mean, who do I know, who's harboring these secrets or fetishes? A girl can't help but wonder.

I thought this op ed piece "The Code of the Callboy" was tremendous. Here's the NYT link, if that's blocked, try the International Herald Tribune link. Basically he's writing about how in previous decades, men in the closet were all in the closet together. People kept secrets because they all had something to lose. That's no longer the case. Please read him directly - he's way more eloquent.

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