Sunday, October 15, 2006

I want one - The Birds Doll

I want one!

Thanks Wiley for the tip. This is really wild.

The Madame Alexander The Birds Doll has stepped out of a classic film moment from "Alfred Hitchock The Birds" which introduced Tippi Hendren to big screen. The Madame Alexander The Birds Doll captures Miss Hendren's costume authentically. The Madame Alexander The Birds Doll is a 2005 release. The Madame Alexander The Birds Doll is from the new The Madame Alexander Hollywood Classics Collection. The Madame Alexander The Birds Doll wears a green duponi silk suit of a simple sleeveless dress with princess seams under a long sleeve collarless jacket. The Madame Alexander The Birds Doll also comes with a brown faux fur coat with white lining. And an extra special decoration to her ensemble - large black birds! Three black-feathered birds with brown plastic legs have attacked the Madame Alexander The Birds Doll. They have attached themselves to her coat shoulder, the coat's left side and, unfortunately, her hair. You can buy it here.


Anita Prentice said...

What were they thinking????
I thought this was a spoof until I clicked on your link. The I found something even worse - the Psycho doll.
Of course there are no male dolls who get stabbed by knives or birds. Yikes.

grainyms said...

They must have been thinking people like me would buy one. Which I'm going to. I love that movie and think this doll is awesome. For a guy doll? What about the Silence of the Lambs serial killer - kimono and all? Although I cede your point, he had the knive, wasn't the victim.

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

Whoa, that is too funny. Thanks for pointing me to this bit of pop culture.

Love it!