Monday, September 11, 2006

Someday, Burning Man.

Since so many of you don't even read blogs, I can't imagine you've ever heard of Burning Man. This is a time of year there are many places I'd love to go - Telluride Film Festival for sure, and the Toronto Film Festival right after, but someday, where I'm really dying to go is Burning Man.

It's a temporary city created in an uninhabitable stretch of desert where performance and art reign for the duration. A temporary city, with temporary art. For a brief spell of time, a community is created with its own rules and rituals. I saw an unfinished doc on it years ago and it's been burning in my imagination since. It's not my style to parade either in costume or naked, but otherwise, very much my scene.

Which is all the funnier to contemplate having just come through a lovely weekend in Austin. Saturday, the first big Longhorn (UT Texas) football game of the season vs their main rival, Ohio State. OK, three years ago I couldn't have even uttered that line. But here I am happily enscounced in my adopted home state of Texas, surprised and delighted by the hordes of burnt orange clad homies who descend on the town for the big game. The identical clothes are the supermarket, walking down the street. Hordes of proudly clad Longhorns. Talk about aliens! Or lemmings! I don't think I could ever do that! Unless of course black counts, the proud color of NYC?

But here I am, a transplanted, non-sports loving book & movie geek, having spent my Friday night cheering on the local High School football team, and Saturday in front of a friend's new HD TV, cheering on the Longhorns, amused by the barbs and bon mots of my new Texas pals. This is a magic city. Next stop, Burning Man.

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