Monday, September 18, 2006

planting, then harvest

God I'm uncomfortable with the last entry. But I'm keeping it - at least til the morning. Because maybe one has to give in to the whine to tame it.

And while I hate thinking about what I'm doing, actually, I love thinking about what everyone else is. I mean really. The true nitty gritty behind their titles. I should probably read Studs Terkel Working to see if it covers the waterfront or not. I used to walk around with a little notepad just for the purpose of detailing people's real activities. Many jobs aren't what you think from the outside. Of course schoozing counts. My mother spends her days ghostwriting letters for an executive director and listening to office gossip and complaints. Lately I've noticed how much working mothers chat during the day about their kids. I used to try to keep those parts of my life completely separate. (Hmmm, until we produced a movie with us all togehter. HA!) What's it like to think for a living? And are we talking about making a living or making a life. When I moved to the country years ago, I placed a book on gardening, cooking and sewing by my bed. None of them took. But it was what occupied most of my neighbors, particularly if you upgraded the sewing to all things having to do with home improvement. In NYC, going to the movies is serious business. Back again to my life in the country, often I'd train in to NYC to catch up - scheduling three back to back in a day. I remember when I mentioned that to Roxanne, she said she'd kill for my life. "Sorry, can't do that, have to go to a screening." Love the way that sounds. But it's all how you judge at the end of the day. Does each activity have to create an income stream? Of course it doesn't work that way. There's planting, then later harvest.

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