Sunday, September 03, 2006

Idiocracy....really, really, funny

This is the weekend for serious film buffs to trek to Telluride. For those of us left behind, in the few cities possible, it's the weekend to see Idiocracy, Mike Judge's latest film that's opened with no reviews, no ads, no support. We were there yesterday morning. The film is hilarious. Not the best film ever made, but really, really, funny. Thirty hours later I'm still chuckling over the brilliant concepts of life in the future. Dead on satire and brilliance. See it.

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Bryan Poyser said...

I saw it, too, and pretty much laughed nonstop for the first half hour. It does drag in parts but has so many chunks of comedy gold throughout, it's a baffling tragedy that so few people are gonna get to see it.