Friday, September 15, 2006

A different kind of dance

A different kind of dance going on with this blog. Here I'm writing about some pretty personal stuff, yet I'm not actually writing about my public life. Sure there are allusions and it's easy to put the pieces together if one is so inclined. But I very much haven't exposed my more normal day to day real world reality and I'm not sure why. It's almost like the dichotomy between blow jobs and kissing. One's "more" yet you can do it while really avoiding intimacy. That may be what's going on here - that I'm exposing "more" while still keeping my distance.

My friend Bryan recently explained why he liked blogs, his own and others. He said, "Why not make my friends the ones worth reading about? Why would I want to spend my time reading about Brad and Angelina? I prefer to make my friends into celebrities."

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suz said...

i love bryan's comment! so yeah, you're a superstar....