Friday, August 25, 2006

Sharpies and visionaries

Tonight I listened to three of my favorite Austin film friends on a panel. Talented, articulate, good company all. And all a good deal younger than me. I listened with appreciation and pride. Knowing they were of a generation, or two, deeply affected by the world John and I have dedicated our lives to. Appreciating their candor. Never tiring of the war stories. Knowing that those in the audience can't really hear. They can try, but the information is never specific enough. That's your story, your path. Not the same as mine.

The topic was Beyond Austin. Film festival and film market information mostly. What happens when your film is done. Two of the three had had success on the circuit. They detailed that the success wasn't monetary, at least not yet. They talked about what was most valuable. The opportunity to make the next film, definitely. But even more so, the opportunity to travel to where your work was appreciated, and to meet other filmmakers. Not just to meet but really engage, to share stories, to see their work, to bond, perhaps even to collaborate. It reminded me of the two most useful things I learned in art school. Two points, after four years, this is what I remember.

1) What's so cool about Sharpies....(yes, the marker.)
2) It's worth trying to be a visionary because that's how you meet other visionaries.

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