Saturday, August 05, 2006

First toe in

This was Susan's idea. A brainstorm as always. She said just set up the damn blog at blog spot. No one has to know. It's just a great way to practice the form. It's great to see how it looks on the computer. Call it Friends are my art form. Talk about owning weaknesses and making them strengths! Friends are my art form was my defense for not writing, for not producing, for not having a job. Friends are where I put my time and creativity. So as not to feel too guilty, in a quip I called it my art.

Before email, some of us sent postcards. Some of us obsessively sent postcards as the perfect form of communication. Beautiful, often funny, an image, and a space to write just enough - not too much, but just enough to send your love and insight. I named my son for my favorite postcard correspondent, once a postcard collector, then a postcard retailer when the bills became due. Wyatt sent love and care and smarts through the air. As did my long lost friend Rodney. He'd send home made art and hilarious dialogue across the hall, on a 4 x 6 card. I mourn the tangible relic. Sure it's morphed into email. But last night pouring through a box of fantastic images and love from good friends, some of whom with no last names signed, I no longer recall, my heart ached.


Anonymous said...

Janet, I have always loved listening to you talk, and so I quite naturally loved reading your blog. I was struck by the timing of it all, as I just unearthed a the start of a really silly, quite enjoyable (or so I think) novel I started writing before the kids were born. I was reading it, laughing, and thinking I might continue with it. Got to read a bit more Judith Krantz before I do, though. Would you believe the protagonist is an identical twin ? Keep on doing whatever it is you do so well. I never understood your anxiety about it all. I've always found you smart, perceptive, devoid of boundaries, and above all -- fun. Love, Jackie

grainyms said...

Thanks Jackie. Really appreciate your support. Definitely want to read your novel :)