Thursday, August 31, 2006

blogging of a sort

Odd. Several of my pals I alerted to this blog wrote back, "I've never seen a blog." Talk about culture shock. I spend hours reading this way. Only recently John and Susan B. were bemoaning what a great book reader I used to be, and how sad that I piss away my life at the computer screen now. Just funny to see how absorbed we can get in our own little islands. I know it's a choice to make but it hadn't occurred to me that others wouldn't even have dabbled. Another friend wrote, love what you're doing but aren't blogs supposed to be short? Um, uh, hmmmm, yeah. I know this isn't really blogging anyway. That's about sharing juicy tidbits. Oh well.


Bryan P said...

I too have kind of started turning my back on books. Or maybe, I've always been kind of an intermittent book-reader - starting one then never finishing it, or just skipping around. That's the way I read blogs & news stories on the web, so maybe it just appeals to my commitment-phobic brain more.

Anita said...

Blogs are NOT supposed to be short!